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Favre's Ankle needed injections after Saturday's performance? I don't know if Favre's ankle is going to hold up through the entire year.  It's only preseason and he already has to inject it with crap.  He hasn't even gone through a whole game yet, it doesn't look good for the Vikings? [via MMQB]

Antonio Bryant was cut from the Bengals… He is going to get paid a ton of money ($8 Million) for not playing? [via Cincinnati Enquirer]

Clemons pleads not guilty to lying to Congress. Looks like he just lied again, Clemons could face up to 30 years in prison? [via ESPN]

UFL's Omaha Nighthawks sign former Ohio State RB Maurice Clarett… Maybe he was in a rec league in prison? [via Omaha World Herald]

Manny Ramirez is headed to the Chicago White Sox? He will need to resign somewhere after this year, too bad the Dodgers didn't sign him to that massive contract he was asking for back in the day. Then they would never be able to unload him on someone else?  [via Chicago Tribune]

Tebows horrific looking touchdown throw to Eric Decker… If he was playing against first team offense, that would have been taken to the house. [ via NFL.com]

Suh might kill Brett Favre if he gets the chance? He nearly crippled old man Delhomme and this is only preseason?.