Pictures of Brett Favre's Ankle and Thigh Injury

Rick Cleveland is a writer from Jackson, Mississippi for the Clarion Ledger so I think it is pretty legit.

He asked Bus Cook about the status of Brett Favre. Cook said he was "Beat up", and said "You should see the pictures from his ankle and hamstring the day after the game"

Cook emailed Cleveland the photos. So here they are:

Brett Favre's Ankle

Brett Favre's Thigh

So those who argued whether or not he should have ran, this could answer a few of those of those critics.

Favre is a stud, he is a battler, and he's never missed a freaking game. I applaud him for his effort and I hope he comes back in 2010.

Here's the Play he got injured on

Via [Clarion Ledger] -  FYI they got a call from Bus Cook asking to take the pictures down. Until I get that call I keep them up! I do want to talk to Bus though - that would be cool.