We are just a couple of guys who love sports. We wanted a place to share news, videos, thoughts, and opinions.  That is pretty much the basis of Backseat Fan.  We are a two man show, we write sarcastically, we cover all topics, especially football.  We are the best source for NFL Rookie Draft Signings, and many other long lists that we have accumulated. We root for these teams:

Matt's Teams

NFL: Minnesota Vikings
MLB: Atlanta Braves
NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder
College: Iowa Hawkeyes / University of Northern Iowa Panthers

Ryan's Teams

NFL:  Minnesota Vikings
MLB:  Kansas City Royals
NBA:  Phoenix Suns
College:  Iowa Hawkeyes / University of Northern Iowa Panthers

Feel free to leave comments, tweet us, email us, give us  tips, ask us questions, and debate our opinions. We love to argue, it is sort of the basis of the site.  So the more you debate the more fun it is.

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