When was the last time you placed a bet on sports? Was it through a local bookie or an online site? How would you rate your experience? Do you often times use point spreads and lines published by newspapers when placing a football bet to increase your shots of winning the bet? Today, ESPN and other similar networks will even provide interested punters with the best picks on a weekly basis. So you have quite a few options at hand and no reason not to try your luck.

How Much Do We Gamble Each Season?

The exact numbers are hard to calculate, but when it comes to Americans, they are known to wager over $50 billion a year on NFL and college football together. So the industry is quite developed and the “secret” is fewer than one bettor in twelve turns a profit during a single football season. This means throughout an entire season, the actual percentage of winning bettors is tiny.

Why Is It So Hard To Win?

According to the standard bet requirements, bettors lay $11 for every $10 they plan on wining, and the additional $1 is the juice. Hence, over a long season, an average punter is prone to select around 50 percent winners. The previously mentioned 10% “juice” makes the bookmaker the only winner here. Despite of all the palpable data and more very reassuring data, people continue to wager. Why?

People Love Sports Unconditionally

This means they do not truly care if they win or not at their bets, or if their favorite teams they root for are having a bad game or season. They will keep on watching and going to games, and they will continue to wager cash even though they know their chances of winning are fairly slim. As a matter of fact, wagering $50 on a game on a trustworthy site like m88 asia that caters to the needs of Asian sports fans will add an extra rush of adrenaline. The fact that punters can place mobile sports bets on the iPhones and other mobile devices is making their hobby even easier to pursue and nurture. They can transform any dull day into one that feels like the Super Bowel by betting and hopefully winning.

What To Do To Win At Bets

You can better manage your wagering money for starters; and the key to excellent money management is being sure not to bet more than you can actually afford to lose. For football, between 3 percent and 5 percent of your bankroll should suffice.

Secondly, it is helpful to look for the best numbers at various sportbooks. College football should provide you with more different lines at different sportsbooks, which tend to change numbers by following the actual betting patterns of customers.

Do not ignore the underdogs as it it a lot easier to win while betting on the underdog on the long run. They are undervalued, especially when they play at home. This is the time teams usually show show their best game and play more inspired than ever.