According to reports from the Star Tribune and Fox's Jay Glazer, Brett Favre is going to retire.

Apparently Favre is retiring due to his inability to come back from his ankle injury and wear and tear to his old man body.

Favre has sent text messages to teammates saying, "This is it," league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

"This is It" was also the name of Michael Jackson's last tour? Which means:

A.) Favre is going unretire and play for one more season
B.) Favre is going to overdose on painkillers

Although both are possible, I think Favre is going to unretire again.  This is Favre's third retirement, he unretired twice before, he will unretire again.

He want's to build up the drama, he wants to get people talking, he wants people to want him back.  Everyone and their mother assumed Favre was coming back, so nobody made a big deal about it. Favre doesn't like that.  He wants to be on ESPN, he wants to be in all of the newspapers.  That's why he announced his surgery to Ed Werder, and took pictures of his disgusting ankle.

I won't believe that Favre is fully retired until he signs the papers and ships them in.  Even when he does that there is still a small chance he will get the itch and want to come back.
So let's redefine retirement for Favre? He Needs to send his retirement papers in, and be retired for 2 season in order for me to consider him retired.

When will Favre come back?  My Guess is about the same time he came back last season.  He will test his ankle out at the local high school, he will tell reporters he feels great, and Brad Childress will drive him into the Vikings Headquarters in a blacked out SUV. Favre will hold the same awww shucks press conference as he did last year.  And we will all eat it up.

Without Favre the Vikings will still be good, but they are not going to be a Super Bowl contender.  They have all the pieces in place to make Favre a Super Bowl Champion, without him they aren't quite there.

Favre will be back for his 20th season, and he will be ready to go after another Super Bowl.

Update: Childress says he's not aware of Favre's intent to retire? Either Childress is lying or Favre just got bored today and decided to spread some rumors?