Brett Favre has been informed that  he needs surgery on his left ankle in order to play the upcoming season for the Minnesota Vikings. Favre is debating on whether to have the procedure or simply to retire and end his 19-year NFL career.

Favre told ESPN the ankle injury that he suffered three months ago in the NFC Championship Game against the New Orleans Saints continues to be swollen and painful.

That prompted tests to determine why healing had not occurred and Favre sent the results of those scans to orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who told the quarterback his opinion that surgery is unavoidable.

Brett Favre's Ankle

"We have spoken," Favre said in an e-mail. "To play again, I would need the surgery, as I suspected. This decision would be easy if not for my teammates and the fans and the entire Vikings staff. One year truly felt like 10 - much like Green Bay for many years. That's what I was missing in my heart I suppose, a sense of belonging."

Favre said he must determine whether his love of the Vikings and his belief they are capable of winning the Super Bowl overrides his disdain for surgery.

Favre would not reveal the exact diagnosis or the prognosis on how long it would take to recover from the surgery.

To me this kind of seems like another ploy for Favre to get out of missing OTAs. Yes,  I know the ankle was really messed up after the Saints game, but everyone knows Favre (and nearly every other player) hates OTAs and would do anything to get out of them.

But let the drama begin, Favre will debate coming back until about the 2nd preseason game, then he will get the itch, again.

Vikings vs Saints game is the first game of the season, and it is the perfect rematch for Favre to come back to.  I forecast the highest ratings ever for NFL season kickoff.