The "Miami Thrice" have all officially signed contracts with the Miami Heat. Lebron and Bosh each signed 6 year $110 million deals while Dwyane Wade signs a 6 year, $108 million deal. Now these three contracts make zero sense to me. The Heat have apparently signed Mike Miller to a 5 year $30M deal, which leaves them with barely enough money to sign me, which leaves them with not even close to enough money to sign any other player who deserves to be on an NBA roster. I don't get it. They may be the favorites in Vegas to win the title, but they're not the favorites in my eyes.

We've got first year numbers now, LeBron and Bosh will each make $14.5M next year and Wade will make $14.2M add in Mike Miller's $6M for his first year and Mario Chalmers $756K and you have just under $50M of the $58.044M cap, that leaves the Heat with about $8M to fill out 8 more roster sports. Good luck.

In order for Bosh and LeBron to get their 6 year deals, the Heat had to work out a sign and trade with each team. The Raptors will get two 1st-round picks and a $14.5M trade exemption in exchange for Chris Bosh. The details of what the Cavaliers received are unknown.

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