Player Last Team Pos Age Status
LeBron James Cavaliers SF 25 Sign/trade with Heat (6 years, $110.1M)
Dwyane Wade Heat SG 28 Signed with Heat (6 years, $107.5M)
Chris Bosh Raptors PF 25 Sign/trade with Heat (6 years, $110.1M)
Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks PF 32 Signed with Mavericks (4 years, $80M)
Yao Ming Rockets C 29 Signed with Rockets (Player option for $17.7 M)
Joe Johnson Hawks SG 29 Signed with Hawks (6 years, $123.7M)
Amar'e Stoudemire Suns PF 27 Signed with Knicks (5 years, $99.8 M)
Carlos Boozer Jazz PF 28 Signed with Bulls (5 years, $80M)
David Lee Knicks PF 27 Sign/trade to Warriors (6 years, $80M)
Paul Pierce Celtics SF 32 Signed contract with Celtics (4 years, $61 M)
Rudy Gay Grizzlies SF 23 Signed with Grizzlies (5 years, $82 M)
Ray Allen Celtics SG 34 Signed with Celtics (2 years, $20M)
John Salmons Bucks SG 30 Accepts terms with Bucks (5 years, $39 M)
Tyrus Thomas Bobcats PF 23 Signed with Bobcats (5 years, $40M)
Brendan Haywood Mavericks C 30 Signed with Mavericks (6 years, $55M)
Travis Outlaw Clippers SF 25 Signed with Nets (5 years, $35M)
J.J. Redick Magic SG 25 Signed offer sheet from Bulls (3 years, $20M)
Jermaine O'Neal Heat C 31 Signed with Celtics (2 years, $12M)
Drew Gooden Clippers PF 28 Signed with Bucks (5 years, $32 M)
Mike Miller Wizards SG 30 Signed with Heat (5 years, $30M)
Channing Frye Suns C 27 Signed with Suns (5 years, $32 M)
Linas Kleiza Olympiakos (Greece) SF 25 Signed offer sheet from Raptors (4 yeras, $18M)
Amir Johnson Raptors PF 23 Signed with Raptors (5 years, $32 M)
Steve Blake Clippers PG 30 Signed with Lakers (4 years, $16M)
Randy Foye Wizards SG 26 Signed with Clippers (2 years, $8M)
Hakim Warrick Bulls PF 27 Signed with Suns (4 years, $18 M)
Josh Childress Olympiakos (Greece) SF 26 Signed with Suns (5 years, $35M)
Raymond Felton Bobcats PG 25 Signed with Knicks (3 years, $25M)
Udonis Haslem Heat PF 30 Signed with Heat (5 years, $20M)
Nate Robinson Celtics PG 25 Signed with Celtics (2 years)
Al Harrington Knicks PF 30 Signed with Nuggets (5 years, $34M)
Zydrunas Ilgauskas Cavaliers C 35 Signed with Heat (2 years, $2.8M)
Luke Ridnour Bucks PG 29 Signed with TWolves (4 years, $16M)
Anthony Morrow Warriors SG 24 Signed with Nets (3 years, $12M)
Jordan Farmar Lakers PG 23 Signed with Nets (3 years, $12M)
Shaun Livingston Wizards PG 24 Signed with Bobcats (2 years, $7M)
Kyle Lowry Rockets PG 24 Signed with Rockets (3 years, $24M)
Wesley Matthews Jazz SG 23 Signed offer sheet with Blazers (5 years, $34M)
Kyle Korver Jazz SF 29 Signed with Bulls (3 years, $15M)
Ronnie Brewer Grizzlies SG 24 Signed with Bulls (3 years, $12.5M)
Luis Scola Rockets PF 30 Signed with Rockets (5 years, $47M)
Richard Jefferson Spurs SF 30 Signed with Spurs (4 years, $39M)
Brad Miller Bulls C 34 Signed with Rockets (3 years, $15M)
Juwan Howard Blazers Signed with Heat (1 year, $1.4M)
Matt Barnes Magic SF 30 Signed with Lakers (2 years, $3.6M)
James Jones Heat Signed with Heat (1 year, $1M)
Marquis Daniels Celtics Signed with celtics (1 year, $2.5M)
Craig Smith Clippers Signed with Cavs
Eddie House Knicks Signed with Knicks (2 years, $2.8M)
Shaquille O'Neal Cavaliers C 38 Signed with Celtics
Josh Howard Wizards SF 30 Unrestricted free agent (Player option for $11.8 M)
Tracy McGrady Knicks SG 31 Unrestricted free agent
Shannon Brown Lakers Unrestricted free agent
Earl Watson Pacers Unrestricted free agent
Kwame Brown Pistons Unrestricted free agent
Will Bynum Pistons Restricted free agent
Rasual Butler Clippers Unrestricted free agent
Jerry Stackhouse Bucks Unrestricted free agent
Louis Amundson Suns PF
Allen Iverson Sixers Unrestricted free agent
Larry Hughes Bobcats Unrestricted free agent