It is never too early to start looking at rankings for fantasy football leagues this upcoming fall. After all, teams are really starting to come together, so we are getting a better idea on what to expect. The wide receiver position is probably the deepest and toughest to figure out at this point, but there are a few standouts. Here is a look at the three best options right now.

Antonio Brown

Slowly but surely, Antonio Brown has started to separate himself from the rest of the pack as far as fantasy football leagues or concerns. The talented receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers has an above-average quarterback, very little competition and the ability to make an impact in a variety of ways. That all leads to him being the most sought after wide receiver in the game.

Demaryius Thomas

Losing some talent in Denver certainly makes fans a little bit easy, but for Thomas, it is actually a blessing. He is going to be far and away the top target for the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning in 2015. It is great that he was able to come to terms with the team just in time to make sure that everything fell into

Dez Bryant

Finally, Bryant rounds out the top three right now, especially since he signed a new long-term deal to stay with the Dallas Cowboys. He is going to be very happy going into the 2015 season now that he has financial stability. He's probably the most talented individual at wide receiver in fantasy football leagues, and he will get more touches now the Jason Witten is slowing down. Many people look at him as a guy who could help the Dallas Cowboys get to the Super Bowl as long as Tony Romo feeds him the ball consistently.