Jabari Parker brings off the chart intangibles to the court, something NBA franchises covet greatly. Parker’s games closely resemble that of another famous scorer in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony. Parker has similar agility and athleticism, and a very high basketball IQ - it is something that cannot be coached. His ability to read the game and make the right decisions is far beyond that of anybody in this season’s draft class.

Furthermore, he is a tremendous competitor. His athletic prowess is not the best in class but he makes up for it with his sheer determination and the never-say-die attitude that he brings to the court. Parker is also a clutch player, and does not get overawed in a big game. Many sports betting sites have Parker’s Duke Blue Devils as one of the favorites to run the floor this March Madness and to be one of the Final Four teams. Current odds have the Duke Blue Devils sitting at +1000 betting odds to win and if you’d like to put your money on Duke or for that matter just bet on sports in general you can do so at one of these reviewed sportsbook websites. Offensively, Duke’s Parker has a soft touch, his off the ball movement is fantastic and repeatedly makes back post cuts and diagonal darting runs to free himself for coverage. Once freed, he possesses a great jumpshot along with nimble footwork to create space for himself to take a shot if he is still covered by a defender.


Elite athleticism, the NBA level athleticism is what Parker lacks at this point in his career. He does not have that explosive speed that is so helpful in transition. He is only 18 and can grow in size and build his conditioning and strength further, but it is hard to see him ever becoming a high flyer. He only needs to work on back-to-the-basket moves as that is a key asset to any forwards game.