Defying the Odds: NFL Teams Poised to Become Betting Favorites This 2013 Season

The NFL is an extremely popular sport in America; the scale and popularity of the sport is now also transcending American boundaries. Due to the options of free NFL betting available online, an increasing number of fans are taking interest in the sport. Every NFL team works hard all throughout the season to get a shot at the coveted championship title. As a result, very few teams stand out from the rest and go in as the hands-down favorite, every year. For the 2013 season, there are several NFL teams that are poised to attract the attention of the betting folks. Most of this year’s teams are equally adept at being crowned the champions.

The activities relating to betting on the NFL is on an upsurge, and there are several fans who are keen to know more about NFL odds. Contrary to popular belief, betting is something that involves a lot of luck and instinct. With so many sponsors flowing in and NFL getting the right amount of hype, there is a lot of money getting involved in the sport. People, as a result, are keen on placing bets on their favorite teams and making money, as a result.

The teams that are considered the hot favorites for the upcoming NFL season are:

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers’ two straight trips to the last season’s Super Bowl and NFC championship has put the team into a class of its own. According to NFL betting odds, the gap between the 49ers and the Seattle team is not too wide. This San Francisco team is going to be one of the front runners for this year’s title; however, the race could certainly be dragged until the last few weeks.

Colin Kaepernick’s emergence as a legitimate franchise quarterback makes this team a favourite. However, many analysts and fans believe that Colin’s skills will be put to some real test during the course of this season. Anquan Boldin’s addition definitely adds a lot of vitality to the squad, and the team has now become much more impressive and aggressive than ever before. However, some injuries might be round the corner for the team.

Seattle Seahawks

This is another great team that has kept its pace steady since last year’s title race; they just finished a half game back at about 11-5. The strong draft of the team certainly makes it a top contender for the upcoming season. As per NFL superbowl odds, the key behind the team’s success has been their balance. They have been in the top 10 rankings for some time now, and their defensive lineup is quite strong, as well. Not to mention, Russell Wilson has certainly proved to be an asset for the team.

St. Louis Rams

Ever since St. Louis Rams went in for 1-15 in the year 2009, they have been collecting several pieces of the puzzle. Starting with Sam Bradford, the quarterback, we can safely say that they have made some good choices. With NFL betting on the rise, it has been reported that this team is certainly going to be the underdog of the competition. Many believe that the team is good enough to at least make it to the playoffs stages. Jake Long’s addition to the team has also proved to be a step in the right direction; his presence during the upcoming season is something to watch out for. There are lot of hopes resting on the team, even on the betting front. Bwin's nfl odds are predicted to be quite good for the team.

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have a huge task ahead of them. With the title on the line, they are going to compete in one of the toughest seasons in recent times. Their team looks pretty good on paper, and it remains to be seen whether they will be able to make it big in the 2013 season or not. The veteran presence of Carson Palmer has helped the team grow as a unit, and they have also made sure that their defence remains their strong point.