Peyton Manning has officially been cut form the Indianapolis Colts.

Where will he end up?  No one really knows, but I am going to speculate.

-Jets - The Jets are a solid team, but Manning will hae to face Brady twice a year.  Play in really cold weather and share a town with his brother. - Somewhat Possible.
-Redskins - The Redskins can offer Manning a lot of money, but not the best available team.  - Not Likely
-Dolphins - Slightly better weather, but you still have to travel into the cold, face Tom Brady, the Jets and Bills. - Somewhat Possible
-Chiefs - The Chiefs have really good weapons for Manning with Bowe, Charles, and Moeaki.  KC has decent weather, and a decent division to play in. - Possible
-Seahawks - I don't think the Seahawks have the weapons that Manning needs to win. - Not Likely
-Cardinals - This is one of the best places for Manning, a great coach who is flexible with his schemes, a great weapon in Larry Fitzgerald, and a good running game. Plus the division should be fairly easy to win. - Very Likely
-49ers - The 49ers are one of the best all around teams without a franchise quarterback.  They have great weapons, and a great defense. Plus think about it,  Jim Harbaugh used to be a Colts QB, who got replaced by Manning.  Harbaugh also coached the QB who is probably replacing Manning in Indianapolis.  - Possible

My Top 3 landing spots for Manning are the Chiefs, the 49ers, and the Cardinals.  All of these teams would be a great fit for Manning, I personally want the Cardinals, because I want to see the Manning to Fitz connection every single Sunday.

Any teams I left off the list?