Join The CFB Program With Your Affiliate Program

The Cycle Friendly Business Program brings together passionate cyclists and various affiliate businesses, setting the ground for a more welcoming business environment. In other words, the Cycle Friendly Business Directory currently features affiliated businesses located in the Perth area, and if you would like for your own affiliate business to become a part of this important directory, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us.

We Welcome Diversity

Cyclists visiting our web site and interested in the Munda Biddi trail can make full use of the CFB Directory so they can immediately get in touch with the business professionals they are looking for. Due to the fact that cycle tourism is currently considered to be a highly popular and constantly increasing niche market in relation to the global tourism market, it is easy to see why having your affiliate marketing business listed in this Directory can be advantageous. For example, the New Ladbrokes affiliate programme enjoys an impressively rich experience of more than 125 years. Since the year 1886 when two men set the ground for a successful horse-betting business, the Ladbrokes brand has continues to grow worldwide. Today, it is one of the most trusted and reputable names in the global gaming and betting industry. Given the fact that cycling tourism is registering a 4 percent increase on a yearly basis in Europe alone, it is easy to see why having your affiliate marketing business should take advantage of our Directory listings.

The market is prone to reach $10 billion in value by the year 2020, so the economic benefits of cycling tourism in relation to the Ladbrokes sports betting vertical you might be promoting at the moment are easy to spot. Use the multilingual support and high performance promotional tools and reports the team of experienced marketers here will provide you with and you will have nothing but a great deal of things to win.