Football is always better when you watch it with friends and family. It doesn't matter where you watch the game, whether it is at the Stadium, in a bar, or at your house, if you are around great people the football game will be a better experience.

Sometimes when I watch a game at home by myself I tend to just yell at the TV. I'm sure that is completely healthy, right?  Anyway, I have to say, I enjoy watching the game much more when there are other people around.  You get real conversations with real fans, and great debates over teams, players, and coaches.

The game feels more electric when friends and family are watching it with you.  Plays seems bigger, touchdowns seem greater, and overall football is just better with more people.  Once a big play breaks there are normally a few people yelling at the TV along with me (Then I don't feel as crazy).

Food. If I was at home, I might make a sandwich, if you bring 10 friends and family over, you will get at least 10 different dishes.  Which is way better than a plain old turkey sandwich.  This is a big bonus that you might not think of, plan it out well, you don't want 10 people just bringing potato chips.

But let's face it, after a big play or touchdown it is pretty hard to high five or hug yourself. Before the game you might want to toss the old pigskin around, it is much easier with friends and family around to play catch with than by yourself.  I find it hard to play quarterback and wide receiver at the same time.  Football is a much better with friends and family around.

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