A few teams received multiple picks: Carolina (3), Baltimore (2), Minnesota (2), NY Giants (2), Philadelphia (2), San Diego (2), San Francisco (2), and Tennessee (2).

Nine teams did not receive any compensatory picks - Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New England, NY Jets, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis.

3rd Round
Carolina Panthers, 97th

4th Round
Tennessee Titans, 130th
Green Bay Packers, 131st

5th Round
Baltimore Ravens, 164th
Baltimore Ravens, 165th

6th Round
New York Giants, 198th
Kansas City Chiefs, 199th
Minnesota Vikings, 200th
San Diego Chargers, 201st
New York Giants, 202nd
Carolina Panthers, 203rd

7th Round
San Diego Chargers, 233rd
Miami Dolphins, 234th
Minnesota Vikings, 235th
Philadelphia Eagles, 236th
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 237
thSan Francisco 49ers, 238th
Philadelphia Eagles, 239th
Oakland Raiders, 240th
Seattle Seahawks, 241s
tNew Orleans Saints, 242nd
Carolina Panthers, 243rd
Buffalo Bills, 244th
Cincinnati Bengals, 245th
Denver Broncos, 246th
Cleveland Browns, 247th
Arizona Cardinals, 248th
San Francisco 49ers, 249th
Tennessee Titans, 250th
Dallas Cowboys, 251st
Washington Redskins, 252nd
Houston Texans, 253rd