I thought I would post some links to help get you through Friday, because let's face it.  You are going to need them.  I haven't done a daily spin in a while, well, because I have been lazy.  So back by popular demand, your Daily Spin.

Super Bowl Prop Bets! For entertainment purposes only, of course. [via BoDog]

Dan Snyder sues Washington City newspaper because they smeared his business and personal reputation, by calling him a terrible owner. [via NBC Washington]

University of Iowa Hospital fires 3 employees for breaching patient privacy of three football players [via CFT]

LeBron James scored 51 points last night, and beat the Magic? [via USA Today]

Joseph Chirlee can serve in the Army, but can't run in an Olympics qualifying marathon? [via NY Times]

Rich Rodriguez on all of the drama at Michigan, oh what a soap opera? [via CBS Sports]

Justin Bieber Booed at NY Knicks game. I guess all the guys at Knicks game don't have Bieber Fever.

The Onion: Ben Roethlisberger One Win Away From Being Good Person


Onion SportsDome

Just because I love calling Big Ben a Douche.

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