Finding a drug treatment center near you is not a problem, because there are local resources that can easily help you out in this regard.

Earlier last week Iowa Hawekeye's wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos was arrested on several drug charges. He is no longer with the team.  Then yesterday afternoon Iowa's starting runningback Adam Robinson was suspended for violating team policies. Robinson won't play in the bowl game, and can resume classes in January.

On top of that Jewel Hampton and Brandon Wegher (quit the team earlier this year) have both requested transfers.

What the hell is going on in Iowa?

There is a press conference today at 11 am ET, rumor is that it is possible that there could be more suspensions.  Or they could just be talking about the players above.

So Iowa technically is on their 4th running back since the first practice this year.  Marcus Coker will start for the Hawks vs. Missouri. Coker is a freshman, but has proven that he can run the ball.

Things aren't looking good for the Hawks.  The fire Ferentz / Ferentz to the NFL will start up soon. Which would be a terrible decision. Hopefully things can only go up from here.

If you want to read more about DJK's arrest go here.

Here is a little more on Adam Robinson and Jewel Hampton.


The press conference didn't announce any more suspensions.  They just wanted to clarify what happened, how their drug testing works, and that they are going to tighten things up in the drug testing program.

Just so people know.  Iowa is not required to test for drugs, but they do because they want to keep their program clean.  You don't see other schools testing for drugs like Iowa has.  They have had some problems with players in the past, and they are being proactive in preventing any other problems in the future.