has an excellent article on why Andre Johnson still would have played on Thursday, even if he were suspended for fighting on Sunday.

Quite a few people have suggested that the NFL didn't suspend Andre Johnson for punching Cortland Finnegan because the Texans play the Eagles on NFL network on Thursday night, but that simply cannot be true.

PFT points out that all suspensions must be announced before the first serious practice of the week, which is typically Wednesday, but because this is a Thursday game, Wednesday would not be their first serious practice.

“I don’t believe a player has ever been suspended for fighting,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said via e-mail to Pro Football Talk.  “I can find no evidence in our records of such a suspension.  Both players (plus Richard Seymour a few weeks ago) were ejected from the game for fighting and then fined.  Fighting is subject to ejection and fines and that is why we do not have a history of fighting.  We have very few on-field fights.  Andre Rison and Deion Sanders were not suspended when they engaged in the same kind of fighting in a game several years ago.”