Not much change at the top this week, but we do have a shakeup in the bottom 10.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) - They didn't play that well, but they still beat the Bengals

2. Baltimore Ravens (6-2) - Ray Rice is really good. Anquan Boldin however needs to start showing up.

3. New York Giants (6-2) - The Seahawks are really bad on the road, but what else can you say about Hakeem Nicks?He's a beast

4. Indianapolis colts (5-3) - Not many teams can beat Michael Vick when he plays like that

5. New York Jets (6-2) - Their running game is falling apart.

6. Atlanta Falcons (6-2) - What a bad time for Roddy White to get hurt. I think it's safe to say Michael Turner is back to form though.

7. New England Patriots (6-2) - The Browns aren't as bad as people think, but that was a terrible loss

8. San Diego Chargers (4-5) - The Chargers are playing great football with Patrick Crayton and Seyi Ajirotutu at WR. Just wait until they get Floyd, Gates and Vincent Jackson back.

9. Green Bay Packers (6-3) - The Cowboys are who we thought they were. A horrific team.

10. Kansas City Chiefs (5-3) - Yes, I know they lost to the Raiders, but the Chiefs are a better team.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (5-3) - When Michael Vick plays like that the Eagles are nearly impossible to beat

12. Oakland Raiders (5-4) - They make a big jump this week because they showed a lot of poise in their win against the Chiefs. Great team win.

13. New Orleans Saints (6-3) - When Julius Jones is your best running back, you're in trouble.

14. Tennessee Titans (5-3) - Randy Moss has traditional had great first games with new teams. Look out Miami

15. Miami Dolphins (4-4) - Where is Brandon Marshall?

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-3) - Must win game at home to stay in the NFC South race against Carolina this week.

17. Minnesota Vikings (3-5) - Improbably win last week against Arizona now a huge game at Solider Field this week and the possible return of Sidney Rice

18. St. Louis Rams (4-4) - Steve Spagnuolo's explanation of why they didn't claim Randy Moss is a great example of why you can't help but love this team.

19. Washington Redskins (4-4) - Clinton Portis may be back this week, will he be any good?

20. Houston Texans (4-4) - Arian Foster is great, but the rest of the team isn't playing well right now.

21. Chicago Bears (5-3) - They barely beat the Bills who don't have a win.

22. Cleveland Browns (3-5) - Josh McDaniels is really wishing he had Peyton Hillis back.

23. Cincinnati Bengals (2-6) - Dallas Cowboys Light? This team is bad.

24. Detroit Lions (2-6) - An injury to Jason Hansen basically robbed this team of a win

25. Arizona Cardinals (3-5) - After a heartbreaking loss in week 9, this is a must win game to stay in the playoff hunt.

26. Seattle Seahawks (4-4) - Another road game for the Seahawks, that usually means a loss.

27. Denver Broncos (2-6) - Will the Tim Tebow era begin this week?

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4) - David Garrard will probably throw for at least 3 TDs against the horrific Texans defense, but this team still isn't any good.

29. San Francisco 49ers (2-6)  - Frank Gore was the first player to reach 1,000 yards from scrimmage this year

30. Buffalo Bills (0-8) - 3 weeks, 3 crushing losses.

31. Carolina Panthers (1-7) - No Deangelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Matt Moore or Jeff Otah? No more wins for this team.

32. Dallas Cowboys (1-7) - There isn't a team in the league they could beat right now.