NFL Power Rankings for Week 6 - After week 5 of the NFL season, it seems like any team can win during any game (minus the Carolina Panthers).

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1 New York Jets (4-1) The Vikings didn't look very good and neither did the Jets, but they're still the best team in the league right now.
2 Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1) Big Ben comes back this week and I don't think the Steelers will miss a beat this week against the Browns.
3 Atlanta Falcons (4-1) The defense has been exceptional this season. Once Matt Ryan, Turner, Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez all get on the same page, watch out.
4 Baltimore Ravens (4-1) Ray Rice is back!
5 San Diego Chargers (2-3) This may be overrating the Chargers a little bit, but Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates are the best QB - receiving duo in the league right now. (Ryan doesn't agree with this ranking, it is all Matt)
6 New England Patriots (3-1) It will be interesting to see how the Patriots offense works without Moss.  He may not have been getting the ball in their last game with him.  But he does demand double coverage and attention. I don't think Deion Branch can fill the void of Moss.
7 Washington Redskins (3-2) The Redskins are somehow winning.  It isn't pretty, they are just wins.  Once this team learns their own system they could be off and running.
8 New York Giants (3-2) The Giants are coming out of nowhere. They looked dead against the Colts and the Titans, but came alive vs the Bears and the Texans. New York is a football town this year.
9 Houston Texans (3-2) The defense really concerns me, but the offense will continue to put up points.
10 Indianapolis Colts (3-2) The Colts offense looks great like always.  The running backs are a little banged up, but Manning can fill in for that.  Their defense is terrible right now ranking 29th in rushing.
11 Kansas City Chiefs (3-1) This team would be 4-0 if Dwayne Bowe  could catch the damn ball. Matt Cassell is a conundrum.  At times he looks like he is good, or really not that bad, then all of a sudden he throws a terrible pass.  Maybe it's the receivers fault part of the time, but some of those passes are atrocious.
12 Green Bay Packers (3-2) The Packers lost Jermichael Finley for about three weeks.  That is a huge hit to this offense.  Oh yeah, Aaron Rodgers also got a concussion during this game.  That's bad too.
13 New Orleans Saints (3-2) The Saints aren't the same team anymore, they haven't shown their explosiveness, their defense isn't getting the job done.  Sorry Saints your time is over.
14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) You know what has always worked in football?  Four-headed running backs by committee.  If only they could just pick 2, so I could pick one of them up on my fantasy team.
15 Chicago Bears (4-1) Don't fool yourself Todd Collins fans (fan), the Bears are nothing without Cutler. Even with Culter the Bears really aren't that good.
16 Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) Andy Reid announced his starting quarterback this week, "It's Michael Kolb".  Funny man that Reid.  Expect him to keep quiet until game time, no reason to not have teams prepare for two quarterbacks. He should switch it up every week.
17 Denver Broncos (2-3) So Kyle Orton is probably the top quarterback in the NFL this year.  Most people can't believe it, but you should.  How's that Tim Tebow pick looking now?  Can he play fullback?
18 Miami Dolphins (2-2) The 'Fins needed a bye this week.  They had two tough losses, they needed to regroup.  They have the talent, they just need to make plays, on both offense and defense.
19 Tennessee Titans (3-2) The Titans are a good team, their only problem is that Vince Young is so inconsistent.  Don't get me wrong, he can be great. But 50% of the time he is just terrible.
20 Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) T.O. and Ocho seem like a happily married couple.  They have their new show T.Ocho, both of them are getting good stats, especially T.O..  Everyone is just waiting for something to go wrong.
21 Minnesota Vikings (1-3) I don't know what to think of my team.  Favre looks old, the line isn't holding up that well.  The only bright spot is Rand Moss is back, but after this year he will probably bolt.
22 Arizona Cardinals (3-2) The Cardinals beat the Saints with only 194 yards of total offense.  Max Hall looked decent (For for an undrafted rookie QB), but the running game looked terrible.
23 St Louis Rams (2-3) The Rams lost Michael Clayton for the season.  Which is a huge blow to the team since he was such a break out player.  Also a  blow to my fantasy teams.
24 Dallas Cowboys (1-3) The 'Boys have a lot of stars, but no team chemistry.  They need to get rid of some coaches, bring in a fresh perspective, new ideas, and some discipline.
25 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2) It's hard to tell if the Jaguars are for real or not.  The division is so close that it is going to be hard to pick out a winner.
26 Cleveland Browns (1-4) The Browns are doing quite well behind Wallace and Hillis.  Too bad Wallace got a little banged up, the Brownies could have upset the Steelers this week.
27 Detroit Lions (1-4) The Lions received their first win of the season vs the Rams.  They are actually looking a lot better.  Even with Shuan Hill at quarterback
28 Oakland Raiders (2-3) Just look at the video of the kid crying over the Chargers losing to the Raiders.  That explains it all.
29 Seattle Seahawks (2-2) Maybe the Seahawks figured out their running back situation over the bye week.  They have three capable backs, but don't know how to use them.
30 San Francisco 49ers (0-5) Here is what the 49ers need to do to win:  Bench Alex Smith for Troy Smith, Fire Singletary, and hire Jon Gruden. Smith was going to start in Baltimore before he got the flu, which led to Joe Flacco starting. He has promise, especially if Gruden is the coach.
31 Carolina Panthers (0-5) The Panthers were  given every chance to win this week, especially with Todd Collins at quarterback.  But they blew it.  It will be a race to see who finishes in last place.
32 Buffalo Bills (0-5) With the first pick in 2011 NFL Draft the Buffalo Bills select?.