NFL Power Rankings for Week 6 - After week 5 of the NFL season, it seems like any team can win during any game (minus the Carolina Panthers).

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1 New York Jets (5-1)
Mark Sanchez is doing exactly what Rex Ryan needs him to do, manage the game. LT is playing pretty good too.
2 Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1)
Big Ben is back and so are the Steelers. A game between the Jets and Steelers would definitely be a good one.
3 New England Patriots (4-1)
No Randy Moss, no problem?
4 Baltimore Ravens (4-2)
Ray Rice is playing better, but Joe Flacco appears to be having trouble making his progressions, that needs to improve.
5 Indianapolis Colts (4-2)
The Colts are crippled with injuries so this bye week couldn't have come at a better time.
6 New York Giants (4-2)
Our first NFC team, showing the dominance of hte AFC this year. The only running back playing better than Ahmad Bradshaw right now is Arian Foster.
7 Philadelphia Eagles (4-2)
It doesn't matter who Andy Reid throws out there at Quarterback they're both playing lights out. That's a good problem to have.
8 Houston Texans (4-2)
Gary Kubiak wants to get Derrick Ward more involved in the offense? Arian Foster is running better than anyone else in the league.
9 Washington Redskins (3-3)
I'm not afraid to say it, Donovan McNabb is playing like an MVP with no help from his wide receivers.
10 Kansas City Chiefs (3-2)
Dwayne Bowe can catch the ball, if he can keep that up the Chiefs should win the AFC West.
11 Atlanta Falcons (4-2)
Roddy White is a man amongst boys. When Michael Turner gets going I think this is the best team in the NFC.
12 Miami Dolphins (3-2)
Henne has struggled some this year, but the Dolphins problem is they aren't running the ball like they did last yaer.
13 New Orleans Saints (4-2)
The offense is not clicking at all and Pierre Thomas can't get healthy. Once Thomas and Reggie Bush return though, look out.
14 St Louis Rams (3-3)
Sam Bradford has looked great the first 6 weeks and playing against Tampa Bay gives him another chance to look great this week.
15 Green Bay Packers (3-3)
The injury bug has hit in Green Bay as well. If they can't get healthy they won't be playing in January.
16 Tennessee Titans (4-2)
If Vince Young is out for more than a few weeks the Titans can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye
17 San Diego Chargers (2-4)
The Chargers look terrible right now and being possibly without Gates, Floyd, Nannee and English this week won't help that.
18 Chicago Bears (4-1)
Losing to Seattle at home is pretty devastating.  I am pretty sure the Bears are going to fall from their #1 rank in the NFC North.  
Arizona Cardinals (3-2)
The Cardinals rank below average in every offensive and defensive rankings.  The sad thing is they could still wear their division.
20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)
How can your leading rusher only have 18 yards?  They need to park that Cadillac and bring in someone who can average over 1.8 YPC.
21 Minnesota Vikings (2-3)
I expect to see more games where Favre barely throws the ball.  Just to keep his arm fresh so he can last the whole season.  As long as it works they might as well keep doing it.
22 Denver Broncos (2-4)
It's hard to win when you don't have a rushing game.  Their leading rusher has 187 yards, That is pretty sad.
23 Cincinnati Bengals (2-3)
Maybe during the bye week Carson Palmer could figure out that he is not the same QB anymore, and that he needs to change the way he thinks when he throws.
24 Seattle Seahawks (3-2)
It is hard to go on the road to Soilder Field and come out with a win, but somehow the Seahawks did it.  Maybe they aren't as terrible as I think they are, or maybe the Bears are worse.
25 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)
David Garrard was hurt Monday night with a concussion.  It's hard tell if this hurts the team or helps them, since Garrard has been so up and down.
26 Dallas Cowboys (1-4)
Oh Dallas, what are we going to do with you. A team full of 'super' stars can't figure out the basics of football.  You need a new head coach with some discipline, and you need it bad.
27 Detroit Lions (1-5)
The Lions are so close to becoming a winner. They are in every game, but they can't seem to pull through.  Once they get a running game going this team could be pretty good.
Cleveland Browns (1-5)
It's hard to go into Pittsburgh and try to win with a rookie as your starting quarterback. It is almost unheard of.  Seneca would have given them a chance at least.
29 San Francisco 49ers (0-5)
The 49ers received their first win of the season against the lowly Raiders. They could find themselves on a win-streak since they pay the terrible Panthers this week.
30 Oakland Raiders (2-4)
The Raiders were without starting QB Gradkowski this week. Now they might have to start Kyle Boller this week. Hey, things could be worse, you could be starting JaMarcus Russell.
31 Carolina Panthers (0-5)
The Panthers had a bye this week, the figured out that Jimmy Clausen was terrible, sad that they needed a bye week to see that.
32 Buffalo Bills (0-5)
The Bills had a bye last week.  Let's see if that helped them at all.  Chances are it didn't.