NBA Elite 11 was not up to EA standards, so they delayed their Xbox 360 and PS3 release date.  EA says they are going to work on it until they can deleiver a "breakthrough basketball experience".

So they either screwed up on NBA Elite 11, or they didn't finish it in time.  Probably a little bit of both, trying to recover form their screw ups.

I was going to buy NBA Elite 11 just for NBA Jam, that was bundled with  it., I assume others were going to do the same. But you are in luck!  You don't need to buy NBA Elite to get NBA Jam anymore.  NBA Jam is going to be released as a stand alone game on Xbox 360 and PS3. NBA Jam is scheduled to drop on October 5th for the Wii, with Xbox 360 and PS3 version coming out before the holidays.

I smell a NBA Jam giveaway once we find out the concrete dates. In the meantime?. BOOM SHAKALAKA!