The game of the week for me is the two 1-3 teams, Dallas @ Minnesota, which is a little weird. Most people probably had both of these teams in the playoffs.  They will be lucky if one of them gets into the playoffs.

Matchup Ryan M. Matt B. Winner
Seattle Seahawks
@ Chicago Bears
Bears Bears Seahawks
Miami Dolphins
@ Green Bay Packers
Packers Dolphins Dolphins
San Diego Chargers
@ St Louis Rams
Chargers Chargers Rams
Baltimore Ravens
@ New England Patriots
Patriots Ravens Patriots
Detroit Lions
@ New York Giants
Giants Giants Giants
Atlanta Falcons
@ Philadelphia Eagles
Eagles Eagles Eagles
Cleveland Browns
@ Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers Steelers Steelers
New Orleans Saints
@ Tampa Bay Bucs
Saints Saints Saints
Kansas City Chiefs
@ Houston Texans
Chiefs Texans Texans
New York Jets
@ Denver Broncos
Jets Broncos Jets
Oakland Raiders
@ San Francisco 49ers
49ers Raiders 49ers
Dallas Cowboys
@ Minnesota Vikings
Vikings Vikings Vikings
Indianapolis Colts
@ Washington Redskins
Colts Colts Colts
Tennessee Titans
@ Jacksonville Jaguars
Jaguars Titans Titans
Final Score 9-5 9-5 Ryan
Overall Record 51-39 53-37 Matt

Lock of the Week:

Ryan: Steelers - They play the Browns. Colt McCoy is going to start for the Browns.  Enough said.

Last Week: Saints (Record: 4-1)

Matt: San Diego Chargers - The Rams are much improved, but there is no chance they win this game without Clayton.

Last Week: Falcons (Record: 5-0)

Upset Special

Ryan: Jaguars - I really don't have much faith in the Jaguars, but the game is at home, and Vince Young is due for a bad game.

Last Week: Panthers (Record: 2-3)

Matt: Broncos - The Falcons are an underdog this week, but I don't see how they are an underdog so I'm going with the Broncos. The Jets looked good on Monday night, but I think Favre and the Vikings exposes some holes in the secondary (Kyle Wilson, Revis' hamstring) and Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton will expose those holes.

Last Week: Titans (Record: 3-2)