College football's kick off was last night.  Did it satisfy your football fix?    I watched most of the Hawaii vs USC game last night, and they had their offenses rolling, but their defenses were terrible.  Nobody could tackle.  At one point I think USC scored in like 30 seconds.  This was the only good hit all day:

Neither team could tackle, which lead to a lot of big plays, call me old fashioned, but I like to see some defense.  Lane Kiffin also likes to go for two point conversions.  I'm not sure if he was just trying to be a dick, or if he is trying to be a genius.  It is going to be interesting to see if this is something that he is going to try every game, or if he was just screwing with Hawaii.  Lane Kiffin and USC won the shootout,  49-36.

Ohio State rolled over Marshall 45-7, it wasn't even a game, more like a practice for Ohio State.

There was a pretty big upset last night with Utah beating #14 Pitt 27-24 in overtime.

So at least one game will shake up the top 25 after this wee even though preseason polls don't mean anything.

I can't wait until Saturday morning for the rest of the college games to start (especially the Iowa game). One of the best things about living on the west coast is College Gameday Preview starts about 7 AM and kickoffs are at 9 AM.