Reggie Bush to his Heisman trophy revoked, no one else will get it.  This is the way it should be, no need to pass on an old Heisman to someone else.  No one should want it anyway. [ via Yahoo Sports]

Recently released Quarterback Matt Leinart agrees to one-year deal with the Houston Texans?.  Looks like Leinart isn't going to compete for a starting job, he will be competing to be the back up to Matt Schaub. I guess that is better than being the back up to Derek Anderson.  [via AZ Central]

Dan Hampton apologizes for saying that the "Vikings should Hit New Orleans like Katrina"?  I don't think that comment will ever be acceptable to say, you don't hear people in the media  commenting like that about other tragedies. [ via Pro Football Weekly]

T.J. Houshmandzadeh was lured to the Ravens by Ray Lewis?  This is a good move for both Housh and the Ravens.  Why not add another weapon?  It is a slow risk move, and he can help the team win.  The Ravens are at the top of my list to make the Super Bowl, must be at the top for Housh as well? [ via USA Today]

Boise State beat Virginia Tech, here are some nice highlights.  Seems like everyone thinks Boise State is ready to compete for a National Championship, but isn't it a little to early to crown them?  Shouldn't we look at the rest of the field as well?  Maybe see how the rest of the season goes? [via ESPN]