Jason Whitlock is campaigning for Jeff George to play in the NFL again.  Sure he is George's friend, and is a little bit of a Jeff George homer, but  is he really that far off?  Teams need veteran quarterbacks for depth, experience, and insurance.  If Mark Brunell can get a job still, I am pretty sure Jeff George can too.  How many teams could use Jeff George as a backup QB?  I think there are at least a  couple that should put George on their radar.

Rams - The Rams have AJ Feeley as their primary back up, but wouldn't adding a veteran that actually has a lot of starting experience be good for young Sam Bradford?

Lions - So if Matthew Stafford goes down again who is going to start?  Shaun Hill?  I'd rather take my chances on Jeff George.

Bills - The Bills' season is already over and with a combined 14 years between their 4 quarterbacks, why not bring a veteran like Jeff George to mentor them. He could probably even compete for the starting spot in Buffalo.

Chiefs - Matt Cassel is the Veteran QB on the team.  That is not a good sign.

Those are just a few examples of teams that are lacking veteran experience at the quarterback position.  Other teams could probably consider him too.  Let's face it, football is a violent game and players hit the injured reserve almost every day.  There were nine quarterbacks that landed on the injured reserve in 2009 alone. You might as well have a veteran QB on your roster just for insurance purposes.  So should teams consider Jeff George?  I think so, he could be a good back up, and give a team a lot more experience than what they have now.

Jeff George workout video from last year: