ESPN's Mike Golic ran the Haynesworth Test and "passed". This is the same conditioning test that Albert Haynesworth couldn't pass for the Redskins. I heard rumors that the times were off during Golic's test so I thought I would test that theory. I have a timer (iPod touch), and a high speed internet connection, so there was no lag in the video.

In order to pass the first run you must finish with 70 seconds or better. The time was called out as a 1 minute and 11 seconds, then I think Greeny realized that wouldn't pass, so he quickly shaved a second, and announced that it was 70 seconds. I also got 71 seconds, but I will let it pass.

There is a 3 minute 30 second break in between runs. No telling if this break was correct, but I will give ESPN the benefit of the doubt and say they did the right amount of break time.

On the second run Golic has to finish it in 73 seconds to pass. Notice that there is no timer on the screen, only Greeny yelling out the time. If you time it yourself it is about 76 seconds, 3 seconds over the cut. Maybe you can say he passed because of the angle cuts added in but I don't know if that makes that much of a difference. Now I don't want to smack talk Golic, because he did a pretty good job for not being in football shape. ESPN needs to add a few more smoke and mirrors to get that time right. Sorry Golic, you didn't pass.

Congrats Golic you did a nice job, better than Haynesworth, but you didn't pass.