Sorry I missed yesterday's Daily Spin, but today's Daily Spin is extra early if that makes up for anything?

Video of A-Rod hitting his 600th* home run? Depending on your stance on steroids  it could be a milestone or just a bunch of nothing because it is tainted? [via]

Shaq signs with the Celtics?  New nickname:  The Big Chowda? [ via Boston Herald]

Mike Martz says Jay Cutler has Kurt Warner awareness? Not sure that I agree with that, maybe the awareness of Marc Bulger? [via Sun Times]

Nolan Ryan outbids Mark Cuban for ownership of the Texas Rangers? Damn it when will Mark Cuban get a baseball team and make another team relevant in the MLB? [via USA Today]

Northern Iowa's Ali Farokhmanesh’s three pointer vs Kansas meant a lot to the University of Northern Iowa? The shot put the program on the map, it helped funding, enrollment, and more?.  We are proud to be Northern Iowa Alumni!  [via ESPN]

Favre plans to play when he is healthy? Weird, I swore he just retired? [via Yahoo Sports]

Futbol celebration in Football?