Yes there are two Favre headlines, sorry to all of the Favre haters, and you are welcome to all of the Favre lovers?

Tampa Bay Rays reuses Beer Cups?  Yeah, maybe bring your own mug to Ray's games? [via Rays Index]

Mark Cuban's thoughts on going after the Texas Rangers? Cuban always has a few good things to say, I can't wait until he finally gets a MLB team?[via Blog Maverick]

Quinn Pitcock retired because of his addiction to video games and depression back in 2008? Now he is back from his brief retirement and signed with the Seahawks?   [via Stampede Blue]

Brett Favre Retirement Curve - Yes, there seems to be some sort of pattern?. [ via Slate]

Andre Johnson got paid! The Houston Texans made Andre Johnson the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL? My guess is the "highest paid WR status" will last about a year until Larry Fitzgerald renegotiates his contract? [via Houston Chronicle]

Isiah Thomas hired as Knicks consultant?  Thomas will still be the head coach of the "prominent" FIU, and will do the consulting on the side? No idea why the Knicks would do this, my guess is because they are the Knicks?   [via NY Times]

Octopus predicts Favre's future: