Al Michaels had a short interview with Favre that aired during the halftime of the Vikings - 49ers preseason game. Since most of you probably didn't see it because you quit watching after the Favre series, here it is:

So why is Favre really coming back? So was Favre looking for a better deal? Was Favre just trying to get out of training camp? Did he come back just for the Camaraderie?

I think it is a combination of everything. Favre didn't want to be at training camp. He has a pattern, he has done it for the last few years. He knows what he is doing.

He probably asked for a little better deal. It probably sounded like? "Awww Shucks, I guess I could play again, but I don't know if my ankle will hold up, if I had say another 3 Million Guaranteed maybe I could test out this ankle and see how it goes." He might not of asked for it, but he probably implied it quite a bit when talking to Childress.

Favre does like to be around his teammates. He loves to slap them asses. But did he come back for all of the camaraderie? Yes, he came back for this, it is all he has known for 20+ years, it is a hard thing to lose. The only way he will be able to fill this void hiring a hooker where he can slap all the ass he wants.

The real reason he is coming back is because Brett Favre wants to go out with a bang. He want to win a Super Bowl and retire on top of the world. Although even if he does win a Super Bowl, don't count on Favre retiring for good, you just never know.