LeBron James signing is tonight at 9 PM ET on ESPN, it is being held at a Boy and Girls club in  Greenwich, Connecticut.  LeBron is supposed to announce what team he is going to sign with in the first 10 minutes.  So what the hell are they going to talk about for the next hour?  How pissed Cleveland is?  How disappointed the other teams are?  How now that he has players around him he is going to be the greater than Michael Jordan?

LeBron James either has someone whispering in his ear making him do this (Nike) (ESPN), or he is an attention whore.  Either way, I am sick of it, and I am ready to hear about Favre.  That's right, all this LeBron James nonsense makes me want to hear more about Brett Favre's decision to come back in the middle of preseason.

So where is LeBron going to end up?  My guess is the New York Knicks.  The smart move would be to join Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh in Miami, but I don't know if the spotlight can be shared that much.  If he was staying in Cleveland he would have held the press conference in Cleveland.  I feel like Connecticut is neutral and doesn't give it away.  I know ESPN is in Connecticut, but they don't need to be in the same state as ESPN to hold a press conference.  Oh you think he is just trying to help out the Boys and Girls Club?  There is probably one of those in Ohio that he could have broadcasted from.

ESPN already knows who signed him, and I hope it leaks out sometime today.  They have probably known for a long time, they just can't give out that information.  They have an hour long program, they have an entire show they need to make clips, analysis and commentary about.  ESPN employees are hyping the news on twitter saying "This is one of those things you will remember where you are at."  What is this September 11th?  D-Day? JFK shooting? I don't think it is ground shaking that LeBron is going to leave Cleveland.  They made no offseason moves.  Maybe if someone good was signed in Cleveland he would stay.

Possible Landing Spots:

New York Knicks: The Knicks added Amare, and have the bright lights of NYC to lure in LeBron.  He only has to share the ball with Amare, not too much of a big deal.  Jared Dudley said yesterday that LeBron was going to end up in NYC, as did OchoCinco.  Reliable sources?  Maybe.  Dudley could have talked to Amare, since they are former teammates. But it could still just be rumors.  But wait, isn't Braylon Edwards in New York?  How can this work since LeBron forced Edwards out of Cleveland with his power and might?!?!?!  I still like the Knicks as the favorite? 1:4

Miami Heat: Joining the Miami heat would be the smartest move, it is the fastest way to the championship. The Heat already have Bosh and Wade, adding LeBron just wouldn't be fair to other NBA Teams.  Plus who is going to get the ball?  All three of them are stars and all three of them want it. 1:5

Chicago Bulls: The Bulls added Boozer, and already had a pretty solid roster, I can see LeBron here, but does he want to be in the shadow of Michael Jordan?  1:10

Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavaliers are the home town favorite.  But they added NOBODY.  Sorry Cleveland, looks like you are in the running  for next years #1 overall pick.  1:50

New York Nets: The Russian Billionaire and Jay-Z can only offer so much.  Unless they make LeBron part owner, then I don't think he has any reason to go to the Nets. 1:100