JaMarcus Russell was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, codeine syrup without a prescription.  Russell was arrested in his Mobile Alabama home on monday in an undercover narcotics investigation.  Russell was booked in the Mobile jail, and posted the $2,500 bond.

ESPN Outside the Lines did an investigation on Purple Drank, which is made from codeine syrup.

Basically, Russell wasn't sick, he was trying to get high. And maybe this was part of the problem of why he sucked so bad at Oakland. Well, that and his terrible work ethic.

Russell should get suspended if he is even still in the NFL. His chances of getting on a team this year are getting lower and lower. Maybe a few years in the UFL will cure his terribleness.

Russell isn't the only NFL player arrested this year, check out all of the NFL arrests here.

via [USA Today / AP]