Chupacabra's are scary?  NFL Signings are going to pick up soon? The Espys are tonight, it is the closest thing we have to football season until, well..  football season.

ESPN makes fun of themselves with Bill Simmons: The Decision? Should Bill renew his LA Clippers Season tickets? Tune in to find out, at least it's only 2 minutes instead of 50 minutes?  [via ESPN]

MLB All Star Game Highlights? Since you didn't want to sit down and watch the whole thing, because it is still a long ass baseball game, we brought you the highlights? Oh and the NL won? [via MLB]

Baltimore Ravens players are only signing autographs for children?  I guess this is a good way to  keep the crazy sports memorabilia guys away, but they will just end up paying kids 5 dollars to go get them autographs? [ via Baltimore Sun]

Nets owner jokes about shipping building to Moscow?  Sure he was making a joke, but now the FBI is watching him because of the Recent Russian Spies? [via NYT]

Tiger is changing his putter for the first time in 11 years.  Tiger is blaming his putter for his woes, he will be divorcing it and finding a new putter at Applebees? [via ESPN]

Chupacabra might have been found in Texas

Is it real, or is it just a giant hairless dog with rabbies?