After a long holiday weekend, the Daily Spin is back.  I know all of you were wondering where the hell it went.  Well, it was in Colorado.

Former San Francisco 49er Eric Johnson is dating Jessica Simpson? I think this officially transfers the Jessica Simpson curse away from Tony Romo, even though they haven't dated in a while, he was still cursed. [via People]

Geoff Blum lands on 15-day DL by putting on his shirt?  Blum is 37 years old, he probably won't be in the league much longer.  I guess he just needs to stretch a little before getting dressed?  [via Yahoo Sports]

University of Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans resigns after DUI? Apparently he was trying to convince the officer to let him go as well.  Can't anyone just take a cab?  [via Fox Atlanta]

New York Knicks PowerPoint Presentation to LeBron James was leaked to Forbes?  Really?  You need a PowerPoint?  Just throw him his max money, give him surrounding players, tell him he will win championships, become the biggest player ever, and rename MSG to LBJ. [ via Forbes]

Mullets and Pony Tails on men are banned in Iran? The Iranian government must have really hated the 80's?. Or America? Either one.   [ via Telegraph]

Kobayashi was arrested after trying to jump on stage after the winner of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest was announced.  He did not compete this year due to contract disputes.