Daily Spin, with all that news out there you probably just want one place to go in the morning?  Money Magazines Top 100 Best Places to live came out, I don't like their order of cities, but at least where I live it is on the list.

World Cup Predicting Octopus (Paul) is retiring?  Paul predicted 8 correct World Cup matches, including the final.  Whoever ends up eating paul in the long run will probably gain his oracle like powers? [via  LA Times]

Michael Vick faces travel restrictions due to his probation. Vick can't travel outside the state of Pennsylvania? Wow, it's like he's on some sort of leash? I hope it's one of those with spikes that dig into his neck.. [via ESPN]

First white man runs sub 10 second 100 meter dash? I am not sure if this is sad news or good news for White Male Sprinters? [via Yahoo]

Iowa DE Broderick Binns gets a DUI? Looks like Broderick will probably be suspended for the Hawkeyes first game of the season.  3  DUI's this year for Hawkeye Football, really not that bad for Iowa standards.  [via Press Citizen]

Indiana Pacers are staying in Indianapolis, but it will cost taxpayers at least $33.5 million over the next three years? If I was an Indiana tax payer I would be pissed.  No chance of the Pacers winning a title over the next three years anyway, let them move and grab the next franchise instead? [via IndyStar]

Male Cheerleader Video?. I think we can still call him male?.

Top 100 Best Places to Live -  No idea now Ames, Iowa is #9? Apparently weather isn't a factor.  I would definitely take Scottsdale over Ames! Sorry Matt. [ via CNN]