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Top Paid American Athletes? Tiger is still on top, Rookies shouldn't even be on the list, but they are there because of their giant rookie contracts?  [via SI.com]

Shaun Rodgers calls in a DUI to the police?  We all thought he was an idiot when he had a gun in his bag, but he is turning out to be a model citizen? [via TMZ]

20 NCAA basketball coaches anonymously talk about what's wrong with college basketball? Turns out the Big 10 is the cleanest and the SEC is the dirties conference? [via ESPN]

Minor League Baseball will start HGH testing? Isn't this going to ruin all of the prospects chances of getting to the majors? [via Sporting News]

Nick Saban compares NFL agents to pimps.. Some think that gives pimps a bad name, I think they are probably about equal?  [via Fanhouse]

Skateboarding Turtle

Better than waterskiing squirrel?