Another great edition of the Daily Spin, I lost track since I have done so many? The Hawkeyes are set for an undefeated season, LeBron James is getting sued for a paternity suit cover up, Purple Drank testing, and I AM CORNHOLIO, I NEED TEPEE FOR MY BUNGHOLE.

Leicester Bryce Stovell is suing LeBron James for 4 million dollars, claiming that he is Lebron'sd father?  Oh and when he "made" LeBron James, Stovell was 29, and LeBron's mom would be 15.  Could he get counter sued for being a pedophile?  [via Fox Sports]

Celtics resign Ray Allen for 2 year $20 Million deal?  The Celtics have 1 or 2 years left for making a run at it still, but they will have trouble making the finals when LeBron lands on a team with actual supporting players. Oh and the Heat or Magic are going to make the Finals instead anyway.  [Yahoo Sports]

D'Brickashaw Ferguson signs a six-year  $60 million extension with the Jets?  Mark Sanchez just got a lot better for the next six years.  [via SI]

Predicting the first loss of 2010 for each college football team in the top 25?  This is a great article, especially since the Iowa Hawkeyes are "Not Applicable", meaning undefeated season.  Seriously though, the Hawkeyes are going to be crazy this year.  Go Hawks!  [via Bleacher Report]

Vick was in a confrontation prior to shooting?  He got his second chance, this proves he is just and idiot. [via ESPN]

Tim Floyd gets package deal at UTEP, two players and one assistant coach? You think he would have learned his lesson at USC? [via The Big Lead]

World Cup Finals are set, the match will be Holland vs Spain, the game kicks off on Sunday July 11th at 2:30 ET?  Anyone else not care as much about the World Cup  since US is out of it? [via Telegraph]

Mike Freeman of CBS tries the Purple Drank, for journalistic purposes? So the Purple Drank makes you feel woozy like when you are on cough syrup, weird, because that's what it is.  I think the real high is when you mix hard alcohol with it.  But doesn't that work with every prescription drug that says do not take with alcohol?  [via CBS Sports]

Mike Judge is working on  30 new episodes of Beavis and Butt-Head, MTV Should be picking up the series?  This is exciting, I remember growing up and watching Beavis and Butt-Head every day.  Now if they could only bring King of the Hill back too?  [via REVIEWniverse]

I am Cornholio!