In this edition of the Daily Spin?  A guy goes crazy over a double rainbow, Lindsay Lohan is going to jail,  Former Seton Hall coach gets busted for stealing a man purse.  Satchel!  Watch the double rainbow video for sure.

Former Seton hall coach Bobby Gonzalez was busted for stealing a man purse? It's a satchel damnit! Looks like this guys coaching career is over.  All because of a purse.  Satchel!   [via New York Post]

Kevin Durant quietly reaches a 5 year extension with the OKC Thunder? The Thunder are going to be good,  [via Sporting News]

Shonn Greene doesn't run out of bounds? Greene was a beast when he played for the Hawkeyes, he is going to go crazy this year behind the Jets O Line. [via NY Daily News]

Vinny Del Negro is the new LA Clippers coach?  When are they going to hire Bill Simmons as their GM? [via LA Times]

Back up running backs who averaged more the starters?  There were 5 in total last year, but 4/5 of the backups are going to be ahead of the former starter on the depth chart this year.  But this does give a fairly good case for the 2 headed monster. [via WSJ]

Which NFL position is more likely to land on the Inured Reserve? I have been wanting to do this number crunching for a while, but never got around to it. After next years data comes in I will for sure.  I mean Backseat Fan keeps track of NFL IR, we might as well use the data.  [via  Falcoholic]

Lindsay Lohan got 90 days in jail, here is the video of her crying at her court hearing. What!?!  they don't  have nightclubs in jail?!!?

Plus Lindsay Lohan had Fuck U on her nail.  Creative.

This guy really loves rainbows