So ESPN pulled this LeBron James story, No idea why the pulled it, it didn't seem to offensive, but my guess was James didn't like it.  Who controls ESPN?  The writers, the talking heads, or LeBron James and company? Thanks For Reading Folks, People seem to love the Daily Spin.

Dez Bryant Backtracks, says he didn't know about rookie traditions?  I think he realized he didn't want to find 100 lbs of meat in his car? [via]

Jay-Z is upset with LeBron for not consulting with him?  Seriously? Sorry that no one wants to play in Newark.  Go try to form a super team with the Russian Billionaire when you move to Brooklyn? [via NYDN]

ESPN yanked this story about LeBron James Earlier Today, it was entitled "A Kid in King James' Court"? Not sure why they yanked it, it didn't seem that bad? [via Sporting News' @ChrisLittmann]

T.O. is the Bengals #1 Receiver according to Ocho?  Out of respect of what he’s done in his career? But in the game, Ocho is #1 WR on this squad? [via]

Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo bashes Chris Bosh for heading to the Heat? Didn't he read all of the negative things said about the Cavs GM?  And how stupid and childlike it was to Bash LeBron?  I guess not? [via Toronto Sun]

Stephen Strasburg has shoulder inflammation, according to an MRI and X-rays but nothing serious? Miguel Batista pitched instead, it was his first start in 2 years, and he pitched a winning game for the Nationals?  I don't like Batista's quote though, he is anti Iowa.

"Imagine if you go there to see Miss Universe - and you end up having Miss Iowa"

I think it's more like imagine if you went to a game where you expected a to see Miss Universe, but instead you saw Miss "65 year old grandma" that thinks shes young and pretty but is really old, wrinkly, and saggy; and should probably realize it is about time to retire?
[via USA Today]

Pac 10's new Logo - Expect them to change that to a 12 when they are officially the Pac 12.