Cowboys' rookie WR Dez Bryant refuses to carry Roy Williams pads? Bryant doesn't want to participate in rookie hazing, he thinks that he was drafted to play football, not to carry pads? Everyone rookie does it, apparently Bryant thinks he is better than that, probably because he is going to start ahead of Roy Williams [via ESPN]

Terrell Owens is rumored to be joining the Bengals or the Rams? TO still has a little juice left in his tank, but do you want to deal with his diva-ness? [via Cincinnati Enquirer]

Wes Welker is ready for training camp? This is good news considering it was rumored he might not even play this season? [ via Boston Globe]

Coaches and sons during NBA Summer League?  Three Former NBA players are now coaching their sons in NBA summer league, could we hear former NBA names come to life again?  [via USA Today]

Chris Paul didn't request a trade in his meeting? Maybe he didn't request it but I am pretty sure the ownership knows he doesn't want to be there, unless they bring in some good players? [via Yahoo Sports]

Tracy McGrady works out with the Bulls? He could still play some decent ball if he could recover from his injury? [via Chicago Tribune]

The new2011 Ford Explorer looks Bad Ass? I would get one of those and stick a Backseat Fan Logo on the side, if I could afford it? [via Ford]