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Cris Carter Rookie Symposium Speech?  This is a must see video, he always tells it straight.  Oh and he calls out Brett Favre.  [via NFL]

ESPN The Magazine:  Ultimate Team Rankings - Saints top the list, baseball clubs seem to be favored since they are so inexpensive to goto?  Unless you are a Yankees Fan.  [via ESPN]

Dontrelle Willis moved to the Bullpen? The D-backs  bullpen needs help, I hope Dontrelle can get back on track.  [via AZ Central]

Byron Scott to Coach the Cleveland Cavaliers?  Probably one of the worst coaching jobs in the league since LeBron isn't going to be there. [via USA Today]

NBA Free Agency Started last Night? ESPN has there predictions?  The World will stand still until  LeBron James is signed, hopefully it will be soon I'm sick of hearing about it. [via ESPN]

Microsoft's terrible phone the Kin is Dead? When will the xbox 360 team just take over and make a good phone for Microsoft?  [via engadget]

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