Your guide to what the hell is happening to the Big 12 and college football:

Nebraska is probably going to join the Big 10

Colorado Could Join the Pac - 10 as soon as today

Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State will join the Pac 10 as well

There are going to be 5 pissed off teams in the former Big 12?  Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Baylor, and Missouri if you weren't keeping track.

USC might get a two year bowl ban, scholarships taken away?  Somewhere today Pete Carroll is eating Top Pot maple bars and laughing

Oh? and unrelated to college football?  Tom Izzo might be the next head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers

So what does this all mean?  Super Mega Power Conferences, and this is just the beginning.  There are still some other BCS conferences that are going to combine / merge / split.  SEC, Big East, ACC will probably be split into two conferences as well. Why?  Money, TV Base, Fan Base.  It is all a matter of numbers.  Texas doesn't think the Big 12 can sustain without Nebraska, so they are jumping ship to make sure they aren't going to get screwed over.

Who's to blame?  Hard to tell, maybe the Big 10, maybe Nebraska.  I am going to point my finger at Notre Dame, because you feel like you want to be an independent butterfly and not join a freaking conference.  If you would just man up and join the Big 10 NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE EVER HAPPENED!!

Like I said this is only the beginning, they are going to realign all of the other schools, and then they have to figure out if there are championships, how many bowl bids each conference would be, maybe some sort of playoff (probably not though).  All I can say is damn you Notre Dame!