Edwin Jackson settled down after a crazy start to throw the fourth (or is it fifth?) no hitter of the young MLB season. The Diamondbacks beat the Tampa Bay Rays 1-0 on Friday  night. Rays starter Jeff Niemann also pitched a nice game, allowing just one ER and home run to Adam LaRoche.

Edwin walked eight batters, seven in the first three innings and there were relievers warming up for the D-backs from the sixth inning on. Mark Reynolds made a big play on a sharp line drive by SS Jason Bartlett in the seventh, who in the at bat hit a dribbler down the third base line that just went foul.

Jackson threw a complete game for just the third time in his career and his 149 pitchers were by far the most he'd thrown in a game.

Jackson pitched for the Rays from 2006-2008, until being traded to the Detroit Tigers. "It just so happened it was against a team that I played for," Jackson said.

After the game Jackson was hit with the usual shaving cream to the face while giving an interview, it didn't seem to phase the young man one bit.