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USA WINS!!! Qualifies for next round in World Cup soccer!!  Algeria loses and a player slaps a female reporter across the face? [ via Yahoo Sports]

Stephen Strasburg Loses to the KC Royals Brian Bannister  (Woohoo)?  It must have been all that PITCHf/x stuff that everyone has been talking about lately?  via [KC Star and USA Today]

Major League 4 might be in the works, sounds like they are trying to get Charlie Sheen to come back and star as Wild Thing.  Wait?  There was a Major League 3?!?!  Hopefully they can get 4 back on track. [via Movie Hole]

John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played in the longest match in tennis history which has lasted 10 hours? The match was suspended because of darkness at 59-59 in the fifth set.  They will resume play today. USA soccer stole the thunder from this match, because that is just ridiculous.  [via ESPN]

Stephen Strasburg's rookie card is up to $113,201.00 on eBay. Wouldn't it just be cheaper to buy a bunch of baseball card packs, or an entire box? Don't they do that anymore? [ via Last Angry Fan]

Ex-Giants star Lawrence Taylor indicted for rape, criminal sexual act, sexual abuse charges.  What they didn't try blame it all on concussions?  [NY Daily News]

Baltimore Ravens sign Marc Bulger to a 1-year deal? Does that mean Troy Smith has a chance to get traded? [via Baltimore Sun]

Some new iPhone came out today? please come to Verizon? Please?  [via BGR]

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