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This will be the last Tour de France for Lance Armstrong? Lance prefers RAGBRAI, who wouldn't? [via FanHouse]

Dirk Nowitzki opts out of his contract with the Mavs?  Can the Suns snatch another Maverick?  I hope so. [via ESPN]

Awkward Erin Andrews Interview?  This guy goes from what do you when you are constipated to how do you feel about being a victim of cyber perversity.  Oh and he asks if she has tranny feet.  [via Vanity Fair]

Paul Pierce is now a free agent.  Any one looking for an overpriced veteran who is almost out of gas?  Chances of him resigning with Boston are pretty good.  [via Boston Globe]

New Video says Michael Vick left 3 minutes before the shooting? Thats not good news for Vick? That's like farting and leaving the room, all signs point to you. [ via Daily Press]

Bloomberg says iPhone is coming to Verizon in January 2011 is a done deal?  Looks like I will be trading my droid in for a iPhone next January.  [via Bloomberg]

Walter Payton running the wildcat: