Daily Spin is back again?  Sports Science Penalty Kick vs Hitting a Pitch is interesting? But maybe they should look at Instant replay for both sports instead?.

FIFA realizes they screwed up, apologizes to England and will reconsider using instant replay for goals? US is still screwed on the offsides calls.  [via ESPN / AP]

Father kills infant child for crying during the World Cup?  He prefers vuvuzela noise over crying baby noise?  That guy is crazy, deserves to be in jail.  [via KPHO]

Mark Brunell filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy -  He earned roughly $52 million while playing in NFL? In related news, Mark Brunell considering coming out of retirement? - [via Jax Daily Record]

Miami Herald Reports: Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh summit never happened?  Looks like someone just got fired from ESPN? But a free agent summit would be pretty awesome.  [via  Miami Herald]

Stephen Strasburg loses again, with no help from his teammates?  Hard to win when you get no run support [via USA Today]

US Justice Department broke up a Russian Spy Ring? I had no idea the cold war was still going on, this should make Olympic hockey a little more interesting in 2014? Especially considering it is in Sochi, Russia.   [ via Bloomberg]

Sports Science:  Stopping Penalty Kick vs Hitting a Baseball

Soccer slowly trying to gain respect in the US?