Cedric Benson has been arrested for assault for punching a bar employee at Annie's West on May 30th in Austin, Texas. Benson posted his $5,000 bail and probably just has to pay a fine, but Roger Goodell will probably give him at least a game suspension. This isn't Benson's first incident, he has to prior DUIs (one on a Boat) so I expect some sort of punishment from Goodell. Benson has stayed out of trouble as a Bengal until now. He has to earn his stripes somehow. The Bengals look like they could be a fairly good team if Benson can stay out of trouble.

TMZ has a few more details on what went down that night. Including "All these white boys are ganging up on me and kicking me out."

Heres a news flash Benson, people are going to gang up on you. People are going to test you. You have money, and fame, and they want a piece. Or at least a nice lawsuit. Stay the hell out of bars at 1:50 am. Did you not learn a thing from Big "Douchebag" Ben?

[via PFT]