The 2010 UFL Draft was last night, and the results are in. There were majority of the players drafted were college players, but there were actually a few NFL players drafted.  Those NFL players include Ronald Curry, Chike Okeafor, DeMarcus Faggins, Frank Walker, Shawn Andrews, and Antonio Chatman. I look am looking forward to see a UFL player breakout and become an NFL star. The NFL really needs a good minor league system, but with the Arena football back into the mix can the UFL survive?

2010 UFL Draft results:

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Pick UFL teamP Player Position College
Round 1
1 Omaha Nighthawks Dewayne White DE Louisville
2 Hartford Colonials Andre Dixon RB Connecticut
3 Sacramento Mountain Lions Justin Goltz QB Occidental
4 Florida Tuskers Weston Dacus LB Arkansas
5 Las Vegas Locomotives Dominic Payne LB Western State
Round 2
6 Omaha Nighthawks Chike Okeafor DE Purdue
7 Hartford Colonials Anthony Montgomery DL Minnesota
8 Sacramento Mountain Lions Tavita Thompson OT Oregon State
9 Florida Tuskers Arnold Harrison LB Georgia
10 Las Vegas Locomotives Michael Ray Garvin CB Florida State
Round 3
11 Omaha Nighthawks Shawn Andrews OT Arkansas
12 Hartford Colonials Shawn Bayes WR Kent State
13 Sacramento Mountain Lions Tim Clark CB Oregon State
14 Florida Tuskers John Standeford WR Purdue
15 Las Vegas Locomotives Brian Coulter DE Missouri
Round 4
16 Omaha Nighthawks Adrian Jones OT Kansas
17 Hartford Colonials Andre Barbour OL Eastern Kentucky
18 Sacramento Mountain Lions Udofia Udeme DT Stanford
19 Florida Tuskers Erik Pedersen LB Portland State
20 Las Vegas Locomotives Ryan Considine OT Louisiana Tech
Round 5
21 Omaha Nighthawks Kenny Peterson DT Ohio State
22 Hartford Colonials Simoni Lawrence LB Minnesota
23 Sacramento Mountain Lions Ryan McFoy S Arizona State
24 Florida Tuskers Tyrrell Herbert S Toledo
25 Las Vegas Locomotives Jovonte Taylor WR Hawaii
Round 6
26 Omaha Nighthawks Ronald Curry WR North Carolina
27 Hartford Colonials Tim Mattran OL Stanford
28 Sacramento Mountain Lions Antonio Chatman WR Cincinnati
29 Florida Tuskers Adrien Clarke OL Ohio State
30 Las Vegas Locomotives Russ Weil FB Illinois
Round 7
31 Hartford Colonials Robert Ortiz WR San Diego State
32 Sacramento Mountain Lions Carl Spitale OT Florida Atlantic
33 Florida Tuskers Kevin Harris FB Wake Forest
34 Las Vegas Locomotives Cliff Washburn OT The Citadel
35 Omaha Nighthawks DeMarcus Faggins CB Kansas State
Round 8
36 Sacramento Mountain Lions Dennis Keyes S UCLA
37 Florida Tuskers Cortez Hankton WR Texas Southern
38 Las Vegas Locomotives Eddy Newton WR Baylor
39 Omaha Nighthawks Devard Darling WR Washington State
40 Hartford Colonials Asaph Schwapp FB Notre Dame
Round 9
41 Florida Tuskers Corey Small DB Florida Atlantic
42 Las Vegas Locomotives Tony Parrish S Washington
43 Omaha Nighthawks Nate Webster LB Miami
44 Hartford Colonials Brandon Drumgoole DL Greensboro College
45 Sacramento Mountain Lions Bobby Guillory WR Central Missouri
Round 10
46 Las Vegas Locomotives Lewis Baker S Oklahoma
47 Omaha Nighthawks Frank Walker CB Tuskegee
48 Hartford Colonials Ben Benshoof OL Wingate
49 Sacramento Mountain Lions Curtis Young DE Cincinnati
50 Florida Tuskers Chris Perri DE Stony Brook
Round 11
51 Omaha Nighthawks Hollis Thomas DT Northern Illinois
52 Hartford Colonials Clint McPeek LB New Mexico
53 Sacramento Mountain Lions Willie Glasper CB Oregon
54 Florida Tuskers Greg Middleton DE Indiana
55 Las Vegas Locomotives Alex Henderson RB Northern Arizona
Round 12
56 Hartford Colonials Kendall Briscoe DT New Mexico
57 Sacramento Mountain Lions Terrence Blevins RB Eastern Michigan
58 Florida Tuskers Melvin Fowler C Maryland
59 Las Vegas Locomotives Gabe Long DT Utah
60 Omaha Nighthawks Nick Ferguson S Georgia Tech