On Wednesday it was reported that when Dr. Anthony Gales was arrested by U.S. authorities he was on his way to treat a Washington Redskins player. At the time he was stopped Dr. Galea allegedly had a hGH in his possession.

According to the Buffalo News Redskins WR Santana Moss is/was a patient of Dr. Galea. It hasn't been reported that Santana Moss was the player Dr. Galea was going to visit, but that seems like the likely outcome here.

The U.S. attorney responsible for this case said Wednesday that none of his patients will face charges.  "At this juncture, any of the persons who are alleged to have used these substances are considered witnesses, and not targets, of this investigation," William J. Hochul told the Buffalo News.

If it in fact turns out that Santana Moss took hGH, I think it would be safe to assume that hGH cannot make you a better football player or help you catch the ball.