Thought I would gather a few headlines to get a gauge on this LeBron James guy.  My favorite is Lebron James is not worth Knicks groveling over.  What else do the Knicks have?  No one.  They only have hope that they can get LeBron.

New York Post - Bring on The King
LA Times - Celtics send Cavaliers — and LeBron James? — packing
New York Times - Cavs’ Run Ends; Uncertainty Starts - Over ? And Out?
The Star Ledger - Politi: LeBron James is not worth Knicks groveling over

LeBron should go to a team that has other people around him.  I was watching the end of the game last night, and nobody was trying.  They gave up, they didn't even want to attempt to win.  It was sad.  Imagine LeBron James going to a team that actually has good players.  LeBron to the Magic would be a spectacular show.  LeBron to the Thunder just wouldn't be fair. He needs to think about himself, not rebuilding a franchise or going where the weather is nice.  Surround yourself with great players.